Thanks to the blockchain technology and algorithms based on the 4 fundamental rules of the system (meritocracy, democracy, fairness and respect) ATPC uses a commercial platform with the fundamental idea of combining innovative solutions of the modern banking market with the crypto currencies. The blocks have been extended and the ATPC protocol is able to include in the blockchain any type of data, for example: numerical values (for the creation of a ledger), tree data (for the management of structured data), collections (data matrices), procedures and logical structures (algorithms), documents, images and photos, the latter can as well as all other types of data be authenticated both by the node that takes charge of the data and externally by the data owner (intellectual property, copyright). The ATPC platform ecosystem allows users to create smart, highly efficient contracts for all the economic areas known to date.

Type Blockchain
Website Open
Total Supply 95,400,000
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Bitcoin Talk Open
Token Sale Start Date Oct 1, 2018
Token Sale End Date Oct 31, 2018
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