Safinus (SAF)

Sefinus is an amazing platform for cryptocurrency lovers. Sefinus builds a bridge between professional traders, experienced investors, cryptofunds and amateur beginner investor, which amounts to a win – win situation. The beginner investor is looking to make right investment, and there is no better way of doing that than getting guidance or investing with a professional. Professionals also need funds to make more trades and by so they also depend partly on beginners to bring in this fund. Today the value of Sefinus is 1SAF=1 USD.Sefinus have a token tagged as SAF, which a single one of it is equivalent to 1 USD. Sefinus being a market place for crypto-traders, they accept Bitcoin and Ethereum. Sefinus would be opening an offering to the public on May 2nd 2018. The minimum investment would be 200 SAF while its hard cap would be 16,000,000 USD. This offering won’t last for ever because it would be closing a day month from it’s opening, which is 2nd of June 2018.

Type Token
Website Open
Total Supply 37,000,000
Whitepaper View
Bitcoin Talk Open
Token Sale Start Date Jul 12, 2018
Token Sale End Date Aug 12, 2018
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