Tokenaire (AIRE)

Receive your own Personalized Tokens. Share them with your followers based on their importance to you, to reward them, or sell them on our Marketplace. We offer easy means to find and contact your biggest fans. We offer a Poll-Platform for you and your token holders, where each vote is weighted by the amount of the voter’s token-holdings. This means people most important to you have a bigger say in the outcome of the poll. Store text, images and even videos immutably and irreversibly directly on the Blockchain and linked to your Personalized Tokens. Unlike solutions like STORJ which only store the file-hash on-chain while storing the actual data off-chain, we store the entire file on-chain. ~400x cheaper than on Ethereum.

Type Blockchain
Website Open
Total Supply 4,200,000,000
Whitepaper View
Bitcoin Talk Open
Token Sale Start Date Oct 1, 2018
Token Sale End Date Oct 31, 2018
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